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development of the heart in the embryo.


Formation of the heart in the embryo.
[cardio + G. genesis, origin]


/car·dio·gen·e·sis/ (-jen´ĕ-sis) the development of the heart in the embryo.


development of the heart in the embryo.

Patient discussion about cardiogenesis

Q. I developed an AV Fistula after a heart catherization procedure. I am bleeding through the tissues in left arm I am on coumadin, but currently have a lower than usual INR. Corrective surgery was scheduled for yesterday, but had to be delayed. I am concerned that I have a large amount of blood (dark red) bleeding though the tissues right under the skin in my left arm. Should I seek immediate medical attention? The bleeding is over approximately a 3 and 1/2" area on my left arm. Came about in a period of a few minutes.

A. well, you are on blood thinners. i wouldn't take the chance. i mean- i'm not sure i follow what is happening over there. it could be a severe problem or nothing. i would let a doctor check it out. the worse thing that could happen is you wasting a day at the hospital, on the other end of that scenario- you can end up dead. i would go with the first one.

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The acquisition of Cardiogenesis adds to the company's portfolio a leading surgical product used in the treatment of diffuse coronary artery disease and severe angina.
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