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Chief or principal; in embryology, relating to the main venous drainage.
[L. cardinalis, principal]


/car·di·nal/ (kahr´dĭ-n'l)
1. of primary or preeminent importance.
2. in embryology, pertaining to the main venous drainage.


Etymology: L, cardo, hinge
pertaining to something so fundamental that other things hinge on it, such as a cardinal trait that influences one's total behavior.


A gene on chromosome 19q13.33 that encodes a protein involved in apoptosis which is highly expressed in the lung, ovary, testis and placenta. CARD8 inhibits NF-kappa-B activation and regulates cell responses controlled by NF-kappa-B transcription factor. It may be part of the inflammasome, a protein complex that activates proinflammatory caspases.
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The sequence at Lumbini is a microcosm for the development of Buddhism from a localised cult to a global religion as the shrine was transformed from a cardinally orientated timber structure with a localised ceramic package (Verardi 2007: 245) into a monumental Asokan-period temple and pillar complex inscribing it as a site of imperial pilgrimage.
7 by mounting it on an iron shaft of 3 fg diameter and surrounding it with a "large" cardinally aligned copper square with gradations up to 60P (and parallel smaller gradations) from each side's center point to its corners.
This draft legislation involves cardinally new approaches in licensing sphere and is focused on market conditions, the Ministry's press service reported.
In addition to public and inclusive dialogues, it is cardinally urged that state pillars such as the judiciary and law enforcement agencies must be fully equipped in objectively and professionally handling these dialogues approaches and outcomes and hence be able to handle them legally and deal with them objectively and professionally.
Despite these and other adjustments in the work of this organization, its ideological foundations and functional principles did not cardinally change subsequently.
Ultimately, Arneson thinks that comparative desert can say more--namely that people can be ranked cardinally in terms of the desert base and that receipt should be proportional to desert.
Since their characteristics fall into certain dichotomies, which are, in fact, best understood when taken side by side, the most general expression of the mentioned features has been analysed through the comparison of two generalized and, according to Mumford, cardinally opposite models of the cityscape, i.
They are based on historical narratives to be cardinally different due to their ways of constructions of the past.
The traditional ways (burning, recycling, waste disposal, and pyrolysis) cannot improve the ecological situation cardinally.
In the film, two examples of this linkage through confrontation, of this disclosure of the dialectic relationship between polar opposites cardinally united, are given almost in succession.