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word element [Gr.], heart.


, cardi- (kar'dē-ō, kar'dē),
1. The heart.
2. The cardia (ostium cardiacum).
[G. kardia, heart]

cardia-, cardi-, cardio-

prefix meaning "heart": cardiac, cardialgia, cardioclasis.


, cardi-
Combining forms indicating the heart.
[G. kardia, heart]
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While the City of London is the global nancial centre and Edinburgh second in the UK, why shouldn't Cardi- be a third provider of nancial services?
Technology has ensured such services can be provided from any location and Cardi- can provide a quality of life and salary that enables you to enjoy it which is why rms are coming here.
All of which is grist to a commercial lawyer's mill and leads him to say: "Over the past years there have been few cranes visible in Cardi- but now we are seeing more working on construction projects like the Admiral building, a FTSE 100 company with its headquarters in Cardi- and committed to the city.
at can only be good for Cardi- and those who want to come here.