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, cardamon (kăr′dă-mŭm) [Gr. kardamomon]
The dried ripe fruit of an herb, Elettaria repens or E. cardamomum. It is used as an aromatic and carminative.


n Latin name:
Elettaria cardamomum; part used: seeds; uses: dyspepsia, colic, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones, colds, cough, viruses, congestion, anorexia; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children; patients with heartburn and gallstones, gallstone colic, and contact dermatitis (not often). Also called
cardamon seeds or
Malabar cardamom.
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The team at Cardamon Green (above) and the |impressive fish tank which is always a talking point for the restaurant customers
If you don't have the time to dine out then Cardamon Green also offers a takeaway service, which comes with a fantastic 20 per cent off.
At Oasis Dates from Saudi Arabia, which is also recording brisk sale at the DTF, a jar of Saudi coffee is being sold for QR80, a smaller container of Saudi coffee masala comprising saffron, ginger, cloves and cardamon costs QR20, while a half kilo of Madinat Adwa dates is QR80 and a kilo of Khalas Qasseem dates is priced at QR90.
1 cup cornstarch 4 teaspoons cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon cardamon 10 cups water 3 tablespoons lemon juice Stir together first 8 ingredients and cook until thick.
The company is planning to take final investment decision on some 10 new projects in 2011-12, including Prelude Floating LNG in Australia, debottlenecking of the AOSP project in Canada oil sands, and deep water oil & gas developments at the Cardamon discovery in the Gulf of Mexico and at Malikai in Malaysia.
Arbor Commercial Funding, LLC announced the appointment of Vincent Cardamon to director in Arbor's new Oakland, CA, office.
Israel agreed to let these items, razors, coriander, cardamon, and cookies enter Gaza, after banning them for three years.
Ingredients: 1 tspn olive oil; 550g diced lean lamb shoulder; 2 large carrots washed peeled and chopped; 2 large onions peeled and finely chopped; 2 cloves garlic peeled cut in half with root removed and chopped; 6 cardamon pods; 1 cinamon stick; 1 pinch of each ground corriander, cumin, nutmeg and tumeric; 200g chopped dark red tomatoes (can use tinned); 100g chick peas; 200g dried apricots; 600ml chicken stock; 50g flaked almonds; 1 sprig of each fresh mint and corriander (chopped at the end).
There are currently 120 plus botanicals available to gin blenders, and can be split into two camps: Those providing a perfume and citrusy taste and aroma, eg rose petals, lemongrass, chamomile; spices and herbals for notes and flavour eg liquorice, cardamon, cinnamon and almonds.
Ingredients of the 379-gram item are raisins, pistachios, cashews, almonds, cardamon and other spices blended in milk, cream and additional ingredients.
Enhanced with personal essays on various health, social, political, and ethical aspects of a vegetarian diet, a glossary of useful and thematically relevant terms, "The Best Of Bloodroot" is a simply outstanding and continually impressive compilation that ranges from a Persimmon, Walnut, and Buttermilk Pudding; New Potato, Carrot, and Broccoli Salad with Garlic Mayonnaise; Cardamon Bread; and Roasted Bosc pears with Walnuts, Blue Cheese, and Raspberry Vinaigrette; to Dried Cherry Apple Strudel; Three-Mushroom Stroganoff; Chilled Lemon Zucchini Soup with Leeks and Herbs; and Broccoli Raab Calzone.
The top sellers are Herbal Chai, containing rooibos with cinnamon, cardamon, ginger and vanilla; Rooibos Afrikana, which adds vanilla and citrus; and Cranberry Orange, which consists of cranberries, orange pieces, rooibos, and flavoring.