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1. Archaic term for carbide.
2. To combine with carbon.
3. To enrich a gas with volatile hydrocarbons, as in a carburetor.
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As a young equipment analyst years ago, I was given a basic exhaust gas analyzer and instructed to set up carbureted four-stroke-cycle engines with either less than 0.
His employees are convinced his heart beats in two-stroke cycles and that a carbureted mixture of fuel and oil flows through his veins.
SHENZHEN, China -- Faced with worldwide emissions regulations and rising gas prices, the small engine market is migrating from mechanical carbureted systems to cleaner, more efficient electronic control and electronic fuel injection (EFI).
Available in 24, 26 or 28 gross horsepower, the Vanguard EFI engines have an automotive-based closed-loop EFI system for up to 25 percent better fuel economy compared to the already efficient 810cc Vanguard carbureted engine.
I'm thinking a carbureted vehicle built before the '80s would do the trick.
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the powerful two-state office that enforces growth and environmental rules at the mile-high Sierra Nevada lake, banned the discharge of unburned fuel and oil from two-stroke carbureted engines beginning this year, which effectively bans the engines.
The extensive new Carter HI-Performance product line includes advanced Rotary Vane-style electric fuel pumps for enhanced flow and reliability on basic carbureted applications; top-quality/maximum-flow Premium HP In-line fuel pumps for ultra-high-output street machines and racing applications; Direct-Fit Electric fuel pumps specially engineered for tuner engines; Competition Series mechanical fuel pumps for muscle cars and classic applications; and Die-Cast Billet Mechanical pumps for top-level competition and appearance.
Electronic fuel injection also allows for longer-term fuel storage than a carbureted model.
But tests have documented that 25 percent of the fuel-oil mix used in two-cycle engines that are carbureted or use electronic fuel injection passes through the engine unburned to help cooling.
The new AMSOIL air filters are specially designed for racing and street rod enthusiasts who desire a combination of performance and protection in carbureted applications.
The Command PRO 824 is available in four models (ECV850, ECV860, ECV870 and ECV880) that offer between 27 and 33 horsepower and best-in-class peak torque, as well as offering fuel efficiency that will allow commercial users to save at least $600 per engine per year in fuel costs over similar sized carbureted engines, based on typical commercial cutter usage.
3 million due to an increase in the number of Evinrude E-TEC engines sold which was partially offset by: - a lower number of units sold in the 4-stroke and 2-stroke carbureted engine categories due to the rationalisation of the product offering for $15.