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, carbunculus (kar'bung?k'l) (kar-bung'ku-lus) [L. carbunculus, small glowing ember]
A painful, deep abscess of the skin involving multiple hair follicles, formed by the merger of two or more boils (furuncles) and draining through multiple follicular openings. carbuncular (-bung'ku-lar), adjective See: boil


Staphylococci, including methicillin–resistant staph, are the usual cause. They may be introduced into the skin by chafing, pressure, shaving, or by pits or cracks that result from dermatitis and commonly occur on the neck, face, axillae or buttocks.


The lesions are often tender, red, warm, and swollen, enlarge over a period of days, then may rupture, exuding pus and necrotic material.


Warm compresses, incision and drainage, and topical, and/or systemic antibiotics (sulfa drugs, cephalosporins, or clindamycin are usually effective). Recurrence is an indication that the patient should be assessed for some underlying disease or immunodeficiency.

Patient care

Patients and caregivers are taught proper hand and skin hygiene and to change the dressings at least twice a day to remove infected material, and to prevent the spread of infection in the home by avoiding contact with wound drainage, disposing of dressings in sealed bags, and washing contaminated linens separately in very hot water.

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Amanda dreams of something beyond her boyfriend Michael (not unlike the carbuncular, fumbling young man in Eliot's poem), a boor whose idea of a good time is drinking beer and burping appreciatively, then falling asleep (and snoring) in front of the telly.
Indeed, the poem's closing lines recall Eliot's description in The Waste Land of the typist home at tea time, who "smoothes her hair with automatic hand, / And puts a record on the gramophone" in order to drown out the memory of her liaison with debased modern sexuality in the form of the carbuncular clerk who comes for his gruesomely ephemeral encounter (255-56).
Horrors like Koolhaas's absurdly writhing Chinese television headquarters in Beijing, Andreu's literally carbuncular National Theatre next to the Forbidden City, and P & T group's cardboard neo-fascist compositions slither off her pages.
When I say big, I am talking about 17,500 people stepping over the film stars' palm prints to get into the carbuncular Palais des Festivals.