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A salt or ester of an organic acid, derived from the carboxyl group. Soaps, which are usually the sodium or potassium salts of fatty acids, are carboxylates.
adj. (-lāt′, -lĭt)
1. Of or relating to a carboxylate.
2. Of or relating to the anionic conjugate base of a carboxylic acid, specifically the CO22- group


A salt or ester of the carboxylic acid group.


n a carboxylic acid salt, ester, or ion.
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One example is CC120, a sulfur-free butyltin carboxylate for calendered sheet and film, said to have excellent clarity and mildly lubricating properties.
Adante has been OMG's vice president of operations since June 2000, responsible for the Company's corporate information systems, process engineering, strategic planning and its carboxylates and specialty chemicals manufacturing facilities.
Comparison of the spectra with those of previously characterized basic carboxylate Cr(III) assemblies with acetate, propionate, and benzoate ligands readily allows the distinctive proton resonances from the bridging carboxylates to be assigned.
MAJOR PRODUCTS: * Polyphase[R] Dry Film Preservatives * Troysan[R] Dry Film Preservatives * Mergal[R] In-Can Preservatives * Troykyd[R] Defoamers * Troythix[R] Rheology Modifiers * Troyso[TM] Pigment/Substrate Wetting Flow & Leveling Additives * Troysperse[TM] Dispersants * Troymax[TM] Driers, Metal Carboxylates, & Anti-Skinning Agents * Powdermate[R] Powder Coating Additives GLOBAL CAPABILITIES: Troy Chemie GmbH Tel: +49 5137 8236 316 Fax: +49 5137 8236 106 Troy BV Tel: +31 10 592 7494 Fax: +31 10 592 8877 Troy Asia Company Ltd.
Since 1980, CSM complimented its portfolio with nickel chemicals and since 2007 with a broad range of metal carboxylates for various catalytic applications.
Vibrational stretching frequencies of the carboxylates coordinated to the zinc metal ion appear in the range 1750-1380 [cm.
Cachat will represent OMG America's Driers & Additives Complex metal carboxylates for the paint industry.
The scientists have now found that the white material in these microscopic craters consists of carboxylates making up a benign soap containing lead.
Metal carboxylates also use the Lewis acid mechanism but can utilize an insertion mechanism as well, he said.
Certain pyridine carboxylates have been shown to disrupt Zinc Finger Proteins (ZFP), which are essential proteins involved in various infectious and proliferative disorders.
Measuring the biodegradability of nonylphenol ether carboxylates, octylphenol, ether carboxlyates, and nonylphenol.
The solutions looked for should be different from the classic approaches based on detergents such as neutral or over-based sulfonates, phenates, sulfurized phenate, salicylates and other oil-soluble carboxylates of a metal, particularly the alkali or alkaline earth metals e.