carbonated water

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car·bon·at·ed wa·ter

, carbonic water
water that contains a considerable amount of carbonic acid in solution.
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If you don't want to give up carbonated water, just alternate it with regular water during the day.
Philip Syng Physick, who ordered a flavoured version of carbonated water.
The company is also providing a set of Kakubin and carbonated water to convenience stores, and sales of Kakubin bottles in the first half of this year increased 15 percent over the year before.
n Float: Essentially the same thing as an ice-cream soda, but often made with a flavoured soft-drink such as root beer, cola or orange soda, as opposed to carbonated water flavoured with syrup.
Although the curative powers of carbonated water were widely accepted, the sole source was natural springs, which limited its consumption to wealthy visitors and to locals who could buy it bottled.
When treated with carbonated water major differences occur in the colour of a yellow sample.
Here is one of the 'easy' questions questions from 1990: The ingredients in lemonade are: A) carbonated water B) sugar C) glucose syrup D) citric acid E) flavourings F) acidity regulator (sodium citrate) G) preservative (sodium benzoate) H) artificial sweetener (Saccharin) Use the list of ingredients above to help you to answer this question: Which is the substance in lemonade which (i) could be fermented into alcohol?
Recommended activities include making a simple compass, having students try to be "human stopwatches" to see how good they are at estimating time, to making raisins "dance" on carbonated water since the carbon dioxide in the water tends to collect on their uneven surfaces.
Hadham Water Ltd is recalling batches of its two-litre bottles of still and carbonated water.
Other ingredients of 180 Red include carbonated water, sucrose, guarana and vitamins B-6, B-12 and C.
Applications: Bottles of PET, PC, PP and PE for mineral and carbonated water, fruit juice, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and edible oil.
Over the past year carbonated water sales have increased 64 percent.