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transcutaneous oxygen/carbon dioxide monitoring

a method of measuring the oxygen or carbon dioxide in the blood by attaching electrodes to the skin. Oxygen is commonly measured through an oximeter, which contains heating coils to raise the skin temperature and increase blood flow at the surface. Oxygen content is calculated in terms of light absorption at various wavelengths. Transcutaneous carbon dioxide electrodes are similar to blood gas electrodes, with a Teflon membrane tip that is permeable to gases.
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53) This provision was enacted for the stated purpose of establishing a national carbon dioxide monitoring system.
designs and produces technically advanced noninvasive carbon dioxide monitoring and diagnostic equipment employing its patented Microstream CO2 measuring technology.
The use of end-tidal carbon dioxide monitoring in patients under general anesthesia, intensive care or deep sedation has been mandated for many instances under standards established by ASA.
In May 2013, the carbon dioxide monitoring station at Mauna Loa, Hawaii, recorded a (http://www.
As a direct result of a national regulation 28 Coroners order West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust is introducing End Tidal Carbon Dioxide monitoring to all vehicles with immediate effect.
Founded in 1987, Oridion Medical designs and produces technically advanced noninvasive carbon dioxide monitoring equipment employing its patented Microstream CO2 measuring technology.
To preserve indoor air quality, the company used low-VOC paints and carpet systems, installed a carbon dioxide monitoring system, and is developing a green cleaning program.
The North American Medical Display Monitors Markets is part of the Medical Imaging Subscription, which also includes research in the following markets: External Defibrillator Device and Services, Anesthesia and End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide Monitoring, and ECG Monitoring Devices and Services.
Respironics, the industry leader in carbon dioxide sensor technology, has historically offered, and continues to offer, its CAPNOSTAT(R) 5 mainstream and LoFlo(TM) CAPNOSTAT(R)5 sidestream carbon dioxide sensor and carbon dioxide monitoring technology for use during and recovery, in the intensive care unit, in emergency medicine/transport and for respiratory care.
Some of the "green" aspects of the building include: A landscaping plan that uses native plant species to reduce irrigation demands and captures rain water for reuse in irrigation; efficient HVAC systems and a high-performance glass curtain wall to reduce energy use by as much as 30 percent compared to code standards; zero use of CFC-refrigerants; high-recycled building materials; smoking prohibitions throughout the office spaces; and a carbon dioxide monitoring system to introduce fresh air in areas of increased occupancy.
Indoor air quality: a two-week building flush-out was performed before occupancy and a permanent carbon dioxide monitoring system tracks and manages CO2 levels.

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