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The corn seeds used for larval rearing were previously treated with carbendazim + thiram at the rate of 200 mL of the commercial product (Derosal Plus[R]) per 100 kg of seeds to prevent fungal infection.
Powdery mildews are recognisable as a white powdery coating on leaves of fruit and flowers, such as begonias, roses, Michaelmas daisies, even rhododendrons but can be checked by spraying early enough with a fungicide containing either benomyl or carbendazim.
usage of the Carbendazim fungicide is banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2012, as it was found to cause serious health issues such as infertility and cancer.
Beneficial effects of pre-harvest carbendazim and calcium nitrate sprays in Kinnow (citrus nobilis x C.
Commercial fungicides available worldwide, namely carbendazim (Methyl-N-(2-benzimidazolyl) carbamate)) and IPBC (3-iodopropinyl-N-butylcarbamate), were used as additives in PVC or WPVC composites.
These products provide long-term protection against both moulds and algae, without the use of carbendazim," said Tierney.
Carbendazim combined with imazalil or cypermethrin potentiate DNA damage in hepatocytes of mice.
Two were found to contain deposits from the pesticides carbendazim and cadusafos, which are banned in Lebanon because of their toxicity.
Antisapstain formulations with borates added have been shown to be effective in preventing brown rot decay fungal colonization that was not controlled by carbendazim and prochloraz (Adams et al.
Before being sown, the seeds were submitted to treatment with carbendazim and imidacloprid (0.
Validation of earthworm toxicity tests by comparison with field studies: a review of benomyl, carbendazim, carbofuran, and carbaryl.
The agency began holding and testing imported juice after low levels of carbendazim was detected in trace amounts in products from Brazil.