Transfer of the carbamoyl from a carbamoyl-containing molecule (for example, carbamoyl phosphate) to an acceptor moiety such as an amino group; the second step in the urea cycle is a carbamoylation.
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Two terms are used in literature to describe this reaction: carbamoylation and carbamylation.
Carbamoylation of amino acids and proteins in uremia.
Carbamoylation of glomerular and tubular proteins in patients with kidney failure: a potential mechanism of ongoing renal damage.
Carbamoylation of Cu, Zn-superoxide dismutase by cyanate.
This reduction will lead to the elimination of the transfer, use and storage of MIC at the site's West Carbamoylation Center within approximately one year.
Within approximately one year we also will cease production of all MIC-based products currently manufactured in the West Carbamoylation Center," Buckner stated.
Carbamoylation of hemoglobin in uremic patients determined by antibody specific for homocitrulline (carbamoylated E-I~lysine).