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Since the response to carbachol in the longitudinal detrusor strips were stronger than in the transverse ones in the previous study (Lam et al.
Results: It was found that verapamil reduced the volume, free and total acidity of gastric secretion, which were statistically highly significant when compared with carbachol (pless than 0.
Isolated rabbit and guinea-pig tracheal preparations: The bronchodilator effect of the test material was studied on pre-contracted isolated tracheal preparation with carbachol.
Carbachol, ATP, ADP were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich (Munich, Germany).
The molecular mechanism of central analgesia induced by morphine or carbachol and the L-argininenitric oxide-cGMP pathway.
Administration of carbachol, acetylcholine or pilocarpine into AMR and DMV elicited dose-related decreases in heart rate, similarly eserine injected into these nuclei augmented and prolonged the action of acetylcholine.
Regional specificity of the emotional-aversive response induced by carbachol in the cat brain: A quantitative mapping study.
Carbachol is another miotic that is prescribed as drops and helps open the eye's drain and increase the rate of fluid flowing out of the eye.
Carbachol stimulation of receptor coupled phospholipase C in the TRPC3 expressing cells increased TRPC3 surface expression, but was attenuated in cells where VAMP2 protein was degraded via tetanus toxin.
Two agonists, nicotine and carbachol, offer near complete protection from alkylation, consistent with the expected results since the compounds are not hypothesized to be subtype-specific like mecamylamine and d-tubocurarine.
70) The muscarinic receptor agonist carbachol did not significantly affect myopic growth induced by form deprivation in the chick.