caraway oil

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car·a·way oil

(kar'ă-wā oyl)
An agent with purported value in relieving gastrointestinal complaints; has been studied for its laxative properties; noted as an antiflatulent.
Synonym(s): carvi fructus, kümmel, oleum cari.
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By means of perfusion manometry it could be shown that a fixed combination of 90 mg peppermint oil (WS(r) 1340) and 50 mg caraway oil (WS(r) 1520) (FPCO; Enteroplant[R]) acts locally to cause smooth muscle relaxation (Micklefield et al.
James Close's carrots with local blue cheese and caraway oil, one of the vegetarian options on the menu at the Raby Hunt
The formulation, consisting of Black Caraway Oil and Sesame Oil, reduces moisture loss and has a re-lipidation effect.