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Burnt sugar; a concentrated solution of the substance obtained by heating sugar with an alkali; a thick, dark brown liquid used as a coloring and flavoring agent in pharmaceutical preparations and foods.
[Sp., fr. L.L. calamellus, fr. L. calamus, reed]
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The Hawaiian Kona variety that we evaluated demonstrated an overall enhancement of the Bitter, Burnt, Caramelly, Chocolatey and Earthy nuances.
So caramelly, all that crystal malt they used, this is sick
Coarsely ground Starbucks(R) Espresso Roast coffee beans are the special ingredient in the secret rub, giving the steak a bold, slightly smoky flavor with a hint of the coffee's caramelly sweetness.
Consensus found the acidity soft, the aroma caramelly, the body creamy or buttery.
English bittering hops to balance the caramelly sweetness.
Its thin skin instantly gave way to a tender, caramelly luscious-ness that seemed to ooze honey.
They were attracted by its combination of nuanced, caramelly softness and bright, aggressive acidity; put off by a smoky, slightly bitter pungency that hinted at a drying fault.
It's more malty than hoppy, I like those caramelly flavors," said taster Phil Simpson.
Other dark lagers are the drier Branik; the sharper Rakovanka; the caramelly Regent, and the splendidly malty Krusovice.
Words like sweet and caramelly popped up occasionally.