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Burnt sugar; a concentrated solution of the substance obtained by heating sugar with an alkali; a thick, dark brown liquid used as a coloring and flavoring agent in pharmaceutical preparations and foods.
[Sp., fr. L.L. calamellus, fr. L. calamus, reed]
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Enjoy fun, eat-on-a-stick caramel apples that have protein, very little total fat and only 160 calories or less in a three-ounce serving.
Jim Moaddab, COO of Caramel Group, said, "In terms of the group's international expansion, Oman is the second country where Caramel restauA[degrees] rant will be launched after Kenya.
SOFT CHOCOLATEY CARAMELS Toffee is even sweeter when it's homemade.
In Minnesota, health officials have identified two caramel apple brands associated with the infection of the four ill Minnesotans.
Hence, caramel is wasted at this point of the production process.
Caramel Group owner and founder Mohammed Al Hashimi said: "We are in the advanced stages of our expansion strategy.
Luscious, buttery caramel filling surrounded by slow-melting milk chocolate.
As the recipe has undergone modifications over the years, the soda now gets its caramel colour from a mixture containing compound 4-methylimidazole, also known as 4-MI or 4-MEI.
Hold bottom of pot in bath until caramel is stretchable but still hot.
When the caramel takes a dark caramel colour (dark mahogany brown) pour a little immediately into the moulds equally.
Chokablok is being rolled out in five flavors that include Billionaires Shortcake, a caramel ice cream with chunks of caramel fudge, chocolate covered shortcake and swirls of caramel sauce; Cookie Dough Mon-Star, featuring chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough and real chocolate stars drowned in caramel sauce; Gold Digger Dynamite, with chunks of honeycomb, chocolate caramel cups and caramel sauce mixed into caramel and vanilla ice creams; Cherry Brown Bomb, a cherry ice cream with cherry sauce, sweetened sour cherry pieces, brownie pieces, and dark chocolate flakes; and The Chocolate Extremist made with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, brownie pieces, and milk chocolate coated malt cereal balls.
To celebrate National Ice Cream Week (oh, any excuse,) Mattias Wenngren, executive chef at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cardiff shares his recipe for Rum Raisin Parfait Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce Serves 4 Equipment needed: 4 ramekins, 2 mixing bowls, electric whisk, sauce pan Ingredients for parfait [bar] 1/2 dl (50g) raisins [bar] 4 table spoons of dark rum [bar] 1 dl (100g) icing sugar [bar] 4 medium egg yolks [bar] 3 dl (300ml) cream Method Parfait Soak the raisins in dark rum for two hours.