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com/e-captioning) which allows closed caption service companies to simply e-mail closed captioning files to Avid Media Composer users, without the need to physically mail master tapes back and forth, and without the generation loss that was typically incurred by older tape-based hardware encoding technology.
CPC's e-Captioning software-based encoding and tape or tapeless delivery of closed captions has firmly established itself as the new industry standard.
5) no caption (book: ``Football in Sun and Shadow'')
MacCaption can retrieve caption information directly from HD videotape, DVD video, QuickTime[R] files as well as decode existing captioned MPEG-2 HD video.
MacCaption does not require the complicated cable runs to tape machines, a closed caption encoder, a time code reader, etc.
Caption service companies will also greatly benefit from this new workflow.
3 -- color) no caption (Sexy Little Things 365 Days of Romance Cards)
MacCaption generates a tiny closed caption reference file that can be delivered to online audiences without them having to download the entire video again.
CPC uses the same SD and HD caption insertion technology in its Macintosh captioning software, known as MacCaption-HD.
Hi-Caption allows the Center to quickly and easily caption hundreds of audio and video training files for Section 508 compliance.
5 -- color) no caption (Dora the Explorer Kids Canvas Garden Gloves)
The CapTel phone works like any traditional phone with callers talking and listening to each other, but with one very significant difference - captions are provided live for every call.