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 [kap´so-mer] (capsomere [kap´so-mēr]) a morphological unit of the capsid of a virus.


, capsomere (kap'sō-mēr),
A subunit of the protein coat or capsid of a virus particle.
See also: hexon, penton, virion.


One of the individual subunits that makes up a capsid.


one of the building blocks of a viral capsid. It consists of groups of identical protein molecules and is visible in an electron microscope.


A subunit of a capsid, see there.

capsomer, capsomere

a morphological unit of the capsid of a virus.
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The predominant structure consisted of spherical particles about 50 nm in diameter with a regular array of capsomeres, although smaller, larger, and irregular spheres were also seen (Fig.
The outer protein is referred to as the capsid, which is made up of repeating protein subunits called capsomeres.