capital budgeting

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capital budgeting,

n the process of planning expenditures on assets, the returns of which are expected to extend beyond 1 year.
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Making decision is one of the most important tasks of the managers in a business unit, and one of the most important financial decisions is capital budgeting decisions which lack of attention to that can involve financial resources of company in high risk and uncertain projects.
This text for professionals and advanced students in criminal justice and law enforcement describes the various capital budgeting functions and their use in law enforcement and criminal justice, emphasizing the use of capital budgeting to inform long-term strategic decision making.
3) It also enhances awareness of the capital budgeting process and, therefore, leads to closer managerial control over the implementation of the capital budget.
Shapiro: Capital Budgeting and Investment Analysis, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall 2005.
The first section of the paper describes some of the weaknesses of District practice with respect to facilities planning and capital budgeting in the past--weaknesses which highlight the case for strengthening the planning and capital budget processes.
Capital budgeting decisions are crucial to a firm's success for several reasons.
The United States needs an investment-oriented federal policy, and capital budgeting can help move the country in this direction.
Three business school disciplines--accounting, finance, and real estate--make use of the capital budgeting concept when teaching project decision making.
Equipment purchases or renovation of a facility to accommodate a new service sometimes go hand in hand with internalizing a service, and capital budgeting is an integral part of the process.
But putting these shenanigans aside, capital budgeting clearly helps governments to invest and borrow smart.
The decisions made during the capital budgeting process determine the future growth and productivity of the company.