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Through thermal analysis of the mold using an infrared thermal-imaging camera, Linde application engineers can help establish where the capillary tubes should be placed.
The of capillary tube geometry used in the present analysis has 0.
For more easily manipulating and stabilizing the system performance, an extra capillary tube with an inner diameter (ID) of 1 mm (0.
out](t) concentration of sample at time t at inlet ends (mol/L) and outlet C([infinity]) concentration at time t = [infinity] (mol/L) D diameter of capillary tube (m) [D.
The readings for each type of capillary tube were performed in duplicate, read once by two researchers, and averages were taken.
Though glass capillary tubes are more precise than other viscometers, such as rotating cylinders and viscometers that use Stoke's Law, glass capillary viscometers are not as quick or efficient in measurement.
Sodium measurements on blood collected in capillary tubes that contain high lithium heparin concentrations may produce an apparent bias up to -8 mmol/L.
Thus, the exit pressures at the end of each capillary tube are almost uniform.
The capacity balance characteristics to determine the length of a diabatic capillary tube for R-12 and R-22 were presented.
It was also suggested that a spray of two solutions (one with analyte and one with salt) from concentric capillary tubes has been found to be useful by some practitioners.
A small (nanolitre volume) plug of sample solution is introduced into one end of a capillary tube equilibrated with an appropriate electrolyte.
In the study, researchers showed that CA4P induced destabilization of VE-cadherin and that the associated inhibition of the VE-cadherin/(beta)-catenin/Akt pathway profoundly influences many aspects of endothelial cell function including inhibition of endothelial cell migration, proliferation and capillary tube formation pathways critical in angiogenesis.