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The dampness, actually capillarity humidity or ascendant humidity, may be caused by an accumulation of water at the base of the wall of the monument or church, by the lifting of the groundwater, by the degradation of the insulation at the base of the wall, or by the movement of the soil, as well as by other causes.
Because the fibers are wet and under compression, they create an effective seal with the suction point that helps prevent the entrance of air bubbles, forcing the movement of the liquid by capillarity and liquid extraction to start.
As the firm developed many different types of store formats with different sizes, product assortment offers and capillarity locations, the firm's managers should have developed a second core source of competitive advantage based on a strategic resources and capabilities of supply chain management (Lowson, 2001).
The curve represents the amount of water absorbed by capillarity by the mortar surface through time, which reaches a maximum after a couple of hours.
Other approach is dosing from a transdermal patch, which could provide the medicine on a continuous basis using the capillarity principle [5].
The contact angle between the healing agent and matrix was higher than 90 degrees, and the effect of capillarity was not enough to pull the liquid from the container.
The researchers have been able to establish the balance of forces that determines the drop emission mechanism, which involves the capillarity of the fluid, the viscous friction of the solid surface and gravity.
Secondly, infrastructure and logistics were mentioned, indicating the necessity to improve the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure (ICP-Brasil) capillarity, broadening its scale.
Cash handling also imposes a large cost on banks, and this high cost critically constrains the ability of banks to increase the capillarity of their distribution networks (through branches or ATMs).
He covers fluid mixtures, the deformable porous solid, the saturated poroelastic solid, fluid transport and deformation, surface energy and capillarity, the unsaturated prorelastic solid, unconfined phase transition, phase transition in porous solids, and the poroplastic solid.
4) The capillarity of the structure in waxy surface leads the adhesive fluid secreted by insect pads to be absorbed by the wax crystals (Gorb et al.
This uses the capillarity occurring in porous material to enable simple diagnosis of the presence of antigens in specimens (blood, etc.