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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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Part of Rich's cantorial duty is to uplift spirits, and she encourages the congregation at Ner Maarav to join in singing rather than just listen.
From Solomon Sulzer in Vienna in the 19th century, the founder of modern cantorial singing, to Gershon Sirota in Warsaw, there was a great line of personalities who all helped to enrich the synagogue service.
He speaks warmly of his father's influence in directing him towards cantorial as well as operatic repertoire.
Clearly inspired by the moving text, Still provides melismatic cantorial lines, the telling augmented second, notably on the Hebrew word for God, Adonay, and an orchestra aglow with color.
Rob Tobias, Rabbi Hanan & Friendswill present an evening of folk and Jewish cantorial music at 8 p.
Sung initially on the Yiddish stage, it quickly became a cantorial showpiece, a secular lament of a martyred people.
Shot on location in Poland during a historic visit in June 2009, 100 Voices: A Journey Home follows a passionate and charismatic collection of singers through their emotional journey to the birthplace of cantorial music.
Cantorial soloists with at least five years of professional experience serving Reform congregations who are unable to attend the full-time Cantorial Program can advance their education and training while continuing to live and work in their communities through the Cantorial Certification Program, which features on-campus and distance learning in a flexible four-year program leading to Post-Bacca-laureate Certification and admission to the American Conference of Cantors.
This story, reclaimed by The Thomashefsky Project, presents a musical sound that few have heard, assimilating Eastern European klezmer and cantorial modes with American tunes and rhythms.
Kelman persuasively argues that Yiddish radio was not merely a medium, but an instrument of cultural change: Among other things, radio combined and sometimes even blended the religious and secular realms; it gave women a pulpit that was denied them in synagogues by creating a space for female cantorial singing.
Chazzanut means cantorial music or synagogue music of the chazzan, who leads Jewish liturgical prayer.
Joining Baron onstage will be cantorial soloists Paul Buch and Lorna Lembeck.