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If we were going to be consistent with the Second Vatican Council, we would canonize models for today's Catholics," most of whom are married, will never found a religious order, never see an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and would not aspire to have the stigmata, McBrien told reporters.
Jewish leaders say they do not begrudge Benedicta's achievements as a Catholic educator and philosopher, nor the Vatican's decision to canonize her.
Five hours of standing is a small price to pay when one of your heroes, Pope John Paul II, stands before you and canonizes another of your heroes, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, and then presents a third and far greater hero, Jesus Christ, in the Eucharist.
Unfortunately, the great majority of those the church has canonized - and continues to canonize - are celibate priests and nuns.
If the council canonizes John, they argued, it must simultaneously canonize Pius XII.
One way to rectify the problem of too many virgins and martyrs would be to canonize some everyday heroes and heroines whose lives could inspire today's Catholics.
They appeared to be seeking some final contact with a person whom the Roman Catholic Church is almost certain to canonize in years to come.