canine leishmaniasis

ca·nine leish·man·i·a·sis

a mild infection of dogs, usually confined to the muzzle or ears, produced by human disease-causing species of Leishmania; dogs therefore are important reservoirs of human infection, such as with visceral leishmaniasis in the Mediterranean region.
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15) A case of canine leishmaniasis was recently diagnosed at the Joint Base LewisMcChord Veterinary Center in Washington state.
Seasonal phenology, host-blood feeding preferences and natural Leishmania infection of Phlebotomus perniciosus (Diptera : Psychodidae) in a high-endemic focus of canine leishmaniasis in Rome province, Italy.
At least 31 cases of canine leishmaniasis were diagnosed by veterinary clinics in Jura during 2007-2011.
A retrospective clinical study of canine leishmaniasis in 150 dogs naturally infected by Leishmania infantum.
Isoenzymatic characterization of the etiologic agent of canine leishmaniasis in the Granada region of southern Spain.
A canine leishmaniasis pilot survey in an emerging focus of visceral leishmaniasis: Posadas (Misiones, Argentina).
In a canine leishmaniasis seroepidemiological survey performed in Loule in the 1990s, a prevalence of 7% was found (4).
In Japan, 2 cases of imported canine leishmaniasis have been documented in dogs from Spain (2,3).
Because long-term quality data on leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania infantum and its vector (3-9) are available for the Alpujarras region of southeastern Spain (Figure 1), this is an ideal area for studying changes in the prevalence of canine leishmaniasis in a changing environment.
Miltefosine, one of the few available antileishmania drugs, has been recently launched in the market for canine leishmaniasis treatment in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Cyprus.
2%) of canine leishmaniasis was found, despite use of conventional tests only.
The recent report of an effective vaccine for canine leishmaniasis (20) suggests an additional tool to prevent and eliminate this infection in North America, although further research is necessary to define its role in a prevention strategy.
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