One of the corpora albicantia.
[L. candico, pres. p. -ans, to be whitish]
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Justicia candicans (Ns; PA RV) (Sp; F; W; PA) Elytraria imbricata Tetramerium (S; PA) nervosum (F; W; Sp; RV) Henrya insularis (Sp; PA) Achatocarpaceae Phaulothamnus spinescens (S F; PA) Agavaceae Agave angustifolia (W, Sp; PA) Asteraceae Ambrosia Lagascea decipiens (Sp; PA, RV) (F; W; Sp; PA) Artemisia (Ns; RV) Malacothrix sonorae (W; Sp; PA) Brickellia coulteri Perityle reinana (Sp S, F; PA, RV) (Ns; PA) Boraginaceae Cordia sonorae Phacelia gentryi (Sp; PA) (Sp, S, F, W; PA, RV) Nama hispidum (Sp; PA, RV) Brassicaceae Descurainia pinnata (W, Sp; PA) Burseraceae Bursera fagaroides Bursera microphylla (S; PA) (S; PA; RV) Bursera laxiflora (F; W; PA, RV) Cactaceae Cylindropuntia Opuntia sp.
2007), Heracleum candicans (Wakhly y Sharma, 1998), Crithmum maritimum (Grigoriadou y Maloupa, 2008) y Bupleurum kaoi (Chen et al.
Oak forest (8%) occurs on hills from 1,200 to above 1,600 m, and is represented by Quercus candicans (white oak) and Q.
More subdued for planting in April is the white-flowered Galtonia candicans.
Cabrera, Trichocereus candicans (Gillies ex Salm-Dyck) Britton & Rose Zea mays L.
Allen Cythaginaceae Nephelea mexicana Schlechtendal&Cham) Tryon Cythaginaceae Oreapanax capitatus Jacq derne& Planchon Araliaceae Oreapanax xalapensis (Kunth) Done& Pl Araliaceae Ostrya virginiana Mill Betulaceae Pavonia paniculada Car Malvaceae Persea americanaMill Lauraceae Persea sp Lauraceae Pinus patula Pinacea Piper auritum Kunth Piperaceae Piperla pathifolial Piperaceae Platanus mexicana Mori Platanaceae Podocarpus smatudai Lundell, Podocarpaceae Policoure apadifolia Rubiaceae Prunus serotina Ehremb Rosaceae Psidium guajaba L Mirtaceae Psychotria acuminata Benth Rubiaceae Pyrus comunis L Rosaceae Quercus acutifolia Nee Fagaceae Quercus candicans Nee Fagaceae Quercuscastanea Nee Fagaceae Quercus germana Chan.
wet (19)Bauhinia binala Blanco wet (19)Bauhinia blakeana Dunn wet (19)Bauhinia candicans Benth.
Don Astringent, used in toothache and ex Sweet applied externally to eyes Heracleum candicans Wall.