cancer incidence

The frequency with which cancer occurs

cancer incidence

Oncology The frequency with which cancer occurs, statistics of interest, US; estimated new cancer cases by sex, per the American Cancer Society
Cancer Incidence by Sex, 1998
Males Females
Prostate 185,400 Breast 178,700
Lung 91,400 Colorectum 68,900
Colorectum 66,000 Lung 80,100
Bladder 39,500 Uterus 36,100
Lymphoma 34,800 Lymphoma 27,700
Oral 20,600 Ovary 25,400
Melanoma 24,300 Melanoma 17,300
Kidney 17,600 Pancreas 14,900
Leukemia 16,100 Bladder 14,900
Stomach 14,300 Leukemia 12,600
Pancreas 14,100 Kidney 12,300
Larynx 9,000 Oral 9,700
All sites 627,900   600,700
All sites-both sexes     1,228,600

Patient discussion about cancer incidence

Q. Is the incidence of breast cancer growing everyday? I have a small lump in my breast. My friends suggested me to have a regular mammogram as a precautionary step. My friend’s family women are having it yearly. But I am confused…Why is the need to go for mammogram without any problem. I think routine medical check-up is sufficient. Is the incidence of breast cancer growing everyday?

A. NO….its not increasing. I had my breast cancer found in early stages, 6 month back. I was lucky. You know why—I had my mammogram done just by fear of having it in future. In order to avoid any I did and was very lucky as it was found and soon cured. Most female take it as precaution and you should too. Apart from mammogram you must have clinical breast examination.

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Konstantinos Voskarides, researcher at the University of Cyrpus' Medical School, tried to explain the increase of cancer incidence worldwide in his study.
Two studies presented by the same group showed that the colorectal cancer incidence was reduced by 33%, distal colorectal cancer incidence by 50%, and colorectal cancer mortality by 43% (2-3).
The evidence linking behaviors and health conditions common at this stage of life to subsequent cancer risk was considered, so that strategies to reduce cancer incidence can be more effectively tailored, targeted, or implemented.
Overall, the age-standardised cancer incidence rate for all people in 2015 ranged from 566.
Published in December in Statistics and Public Policy, the study used state-based cancer incidence data to look for cancer "hot spots," or areas where rates were higher than would otherwise be expected.
In the new study, researchers examined the association between vasectomy and prostate cancer death in 363,726 men participating in the Cancer Prevention Study II, and the link between vasectomy and prostate cancer incidence among 66,542 men in a subgroup of that same study.
Compared with white women, black women historically have had lower rates of breast cancer incidence and, beginning in the 1980s, higher death rates (1).
UTRECHT, The Netherlands, October 3, 2016--Researcher here have found that the DNA code of human stem cells acquires errors at a fairly constant rate, even in organs with differing cancer incidence.
From 2011 to 2012, immediately following the recommendation, there was a significant decline in early-stage cancer incidence rates among men 50 years or older, according to an analysis of data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program.
Cancer incidence was also significantly higher in persons with diabetes within the first three months after diagnosis, but not after this time period,Health news reported.
Cancer Statistics thyroid cancer incidence data for 2012
Background: Population-based cancer registry collects the data on cancer incidence and mortality deaths from covered population to describe and survey the epidemics in certain areas.

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