cancer family

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can·cer fam·i·ly

a group of blood relatives, several of whom have had cancer; the mode of aggregation may be genetic and homogeneous, as in familial polyposis of the colon; diverse as in neurofibromatosis; or due to common exposure to a carcinogenic or oncogenic agent, such as a virus.

cancer family

A group of blood relatives in which cancer has occurred. The cause may be genetic, as in familial cancer, or common exposure to a carcinogenic or oncogenic agent.
A genetically-linked group of individuals, in whom malignancy occurs with greater-than-expected frequency

can·cer fam·i·ly

(kan'sĕr fam'i-lē)
A group of blood relatives of whom several have had cancer.

Patient discussion about cancer family

Q. Is throar cancer hereditary? If it is, like all kinds of cancer? more/less?

A. good point. I;m actually not smoking- and not planning to... thanks, that's good news.

Q. Can cancer skip every other generation in your family? Can cancer be so hereditary as to skip every other generation in a family? On my dad's side of the family it seems like it does. Both my great grandmothers on my father's side had cancer (breast cancer and another type) and a great grandfather had cancer as well. My grandparents did not have cancer. My father ended up having cancer out of the three of my grandparents’ children. Me nor any of my cousins have had cancer. Is it possible any of our children will?

A. If there is a BRCA mutation, it does not skip generations. A child of a person with a BRCA mutation has a 50/50 chance of having the mutation. Those who have the mutation can pass it on. Those who do not have the mutation cannot pass it on.

Q. ) Hello everyone…..breast cancer is genetic to my family as my mom had one surgery. Hello everyone…..breast cancer is genetic to my family as my mom had one surgery. I know I am also on the risk but I am having migraine and I have been told that this reduces the impact of breast cancer….how come? Any clues?

A. You may not have inherited it from your mother. Your father's DNA matters just as much.

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In the published study, which made use of the Colon Cancer Family Registry of patients, investigators found a significant number of new abnormalities in patients that would otherwise be missed completely by conventional DNA sequencing techniques.
The Varian Helix System has played an important role in sample processing for the Colon Cancer Family Registry Consortium, a National Cancer Institute-funded international consortium dedicated to building a resource available for research into colorectal cancer.
While lung cancer is the biggest killer in the cancer family, says the author, it is the easiest to prevent.
Haile is a principal investigator affiliated with the Colon Cancer Family Registry (the Colon CFR), a National Cancer Institute-funded international consortium of six research institutions.
A proprietary form of genomic analysis, used to study prostate cancer family genealogies, succeeded in identifying the location of a susceptibility gene for prostate cancer on chromosome 17p.
The discovery of the prostate cancer gene culminates a research project between Myriad and its prostate cancer family database and linkage collaborators, which include research groups led by Drs.
He has also been on the board of Cancer Family Care since 1998, and has served on GCF's Future Directions committee and on GCF's Early Childhood Education Task Force.
The Hereditary Cancer Institute is located at Creighton University School of Medicine in Omaha, Nebraska, and maintains the leading Cancer Family Genetic Database in the world, cataloging over 200 forms of inherited cancer.
At this event, one of the Foundation's newest resources, will be made available for Long Island families, the Voices Against Brain Cancer Family Initiative Program.
The study population totaled 9,287 patients with colorectal cancer and a control group of 9,117 individuals without cancer, all participants in 10 observational studies that were pooled in the largest meta-analysis sponsored by the National Institutes of Health-funded Genetics and Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Consortium (GECCO) and Colorectal Cancer Family Registry.
Because we're a cancer family, we don't have good credit.

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