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 [kah-na´lis] (pl. cana´les) (L.)
a canal or channel.


Plural of canalis.


Plural of canalis.
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Canales, 26 at the time, began having difficulties at the seventh week of her pregnancy, was on complete bed rest by 12 weeks and on hospital bed rest by 20 weeks.
Dos canales de TV para una poblacion tan extensa y tan diversa tenian a la India, para decirlo de una manera simple, desfalleciente por contenidos.
The 18-year-old striker's contract with Racing Santander expires in the summer - and Canales (left) is the centre of attention after five goals in five games.
And Canales was recently nominated for LATINA Style Magazine's Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
Dancers such as Canales, Belin Maya, La Hierbabuena, Sara Baras, Cortes, and Pages have expanded the traditional boundaries of flamenco, while companies like Barcelona's Increpacion and Madrid's Arrieritos have arrived at a successful and evocative amalgam of traditional and contemporary styles.
Moceanu said she and her family plan to stay in the Cleveland area where she is earning a business degree and teaching gymnastics and where Canales practices as a foot and ankle surgeon.
United met Canales's father Angel, who is also his agent, in Spain at the weekend before Canales senior travelled to London to speak to Chelsea.
Lo que hemos planeado es una manera de asegurar que con el advenimiento de la television terrestre digital, nuestros canales terrestres sin cargo puedan ser vistos por todos, particularmente por espectadores en aquellas areas en las que la senal terrestre digital por razones tecnicas no es posible de ser captada.
The great thing about the nomination for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award is that it's an expression of confidence from the SBA about the direction we're taking the company," said Canales.
Canales evokes the joy of dancing through comradely competition for a quicksilver trio of men, tricky zapateado (footwork) for Greco, and a folkloric duet for the sensuous Maribel Gallardo and the delightfully imposing Currillo.
Canales got to triple her prize when her first spin landed on the "Triple" spoke.