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Alkaloid present in Hydrastis canadensis (family Ranunculaceae) and in Corydalis cava (family Fumaraceae) with sedative and muscle relaxant properties.
Synonym(s): xanthopuccine
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Canadine said: ``There is a huge need in this industry for a service like LogisticsPulse, which will both increase efficiencies and reduce costs.
Television replays proved a 37th-minute strike from West Ham's Freddie Kanoute HAD crossed the line - despite being chalked off by referee Steve Dunn and linesman Paul Canadine.
Referee Paul Canadine confirmed an incident had occurred and said he would be filing a full report.
He falls in love with shop girl Audrey, played by Lydia Lavill, and her voice provides one of the highlights, with Jo Davis (Crystal), Laura Canadine (Chiffon) and Gemma Shield (Ronnette) not far behind.
Referee Paul Canadine, however, ruled that Northwich forwards had bundled into Baker unfairly and disallowed the goal, leaving the scores level at the final whistle which blew shortly afterwards.
But it was not just the Swede who came to Arsenal's rescue last night as ref Steve Dunn and his linesman Paul Canadine deprived West Ham of an amazing goal that never was.