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The flowering heads of Anthemis nobilis (family Compositae); a stomachic.
Synonym(s): camomile
[G. chamaimēlon, chamomile, fr. chamai, on the ground, + mēlon, apple]


, camomile (kam'ŏ-mīl)
(Matricaria) Herbal agent used in infusions for stomach disorders; alleged to induce sleep; some topical use reported; danger in pregnant women due to abortifacient properties.
[G. chamaimēlon, chamomile, fr. chamai, on the ground, + mēlon, apple]


, camomile (kam'o-mil?, -mel?) [L. chamaemelon, fr Gr. chamaimelon, earth apple]
The dried flowering heads (blossoms) of Anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile) or Matricaria recutita (German chamomile).

German chamomile

An annually flowering member of the aster family (Matricaria recutita). Teas made from the flower are used as a mild sedative, an astringent, a cosmetic hair rinse, an analgesic, and an antispasmodic in the treatment of colic, indegestion, and irritable bowel syndrome, . Oils extracted from the plant are used in alternative and complementary medicine to relieve itch. Some people are sensitive to the plant's oilsand may develop contact dermatitis after exposure. Synonym: wild chamomile

wild chamomile

German chamomile.


see chamomile.

chamomile, camomile

derived from flowerheads of two species of Compositae; used for its anti-inflammatory and antiseborrheic activity, usually topically but also administered orally as a tea for indigestion and in the treatment of calf scours.
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