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camera, pinhole 

A camera in which the lens is replaced by a pinhole (e.g. the camera obscura).
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Camera obscura is Latin for dark room, according to Patrick Corrigan, professor of philosophy and interim chairman of Assumption's Department of Arts, Music and Theatre, who also noted that "Classical artists, like Leonardo da Vinci, used such a room to be able to get detailed images of their subject which could be traced, if the light were shown onto a blank paper or canvas, and to study perspective.
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From there students discussed concepts and ideas and came to the idea of the camera obscura, a concept known as far back as Aristotle.
bar] MIND EXPANDING: Jack Coulson, six, with Jem Finer's camera obscura Spiegelei at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, West Bretton (PW010812Bobscura-03) Purchase: www.
CAMERA OBSCURA There was carnage in running on Betfair in the closing stages of the handicap hurdle won by Mickmacmagoole at Ffos Las after the cameraman missed odds-on favourite and runner-up Azione on the inside from the second-last until the run-in, leading to plenty of burned fingers.
More recently, maybe a stripped down Camera Obscura.
The convergence of an and science is represented in a monumental first edition of "Iconografica Rappresentatione della Inclita Citta di Venezia" (1729), one of the greatest printed maps of cities, and two 18th-century examples of the camera obscura, an optical device likely to have been used by the view painters.
Participants were randomly assigned to two groups; one group was given information about the camera obscura and one was not.
CAMERA OBSCURA - MY MAUDLIN CAREER THIS new album on 4AD is not a million miles away from their past work; in fact any of the songs could have appeared on last album Let's Get Out Of The Country, but their ability to surprise, whether with a sublime chord change or, as on Careless Love, a balletic instrumental section, gets them out of trouble.
In a photographic world dominated by the digital, a few artists continue to explore the perceptual and cognitive consequences of older technologies: Barbara Ess, for instance, works with the pinhole camera, and Abelardo Morell the camera obscura.
Liz mixes the indie-pop of bands like Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura with the classic sounds of Phil Spector.
Learn how everyday, household materials can make invisible ink, a camera obscura, or egg tempera paint.