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Above is just part of the future forecast for the broadcast / pro video camcorder market size data and market share report from SCRI.
Industry experts also maintain the new 8mm/VHS recorder will extend the useful lives of millions of home camcorder units.
It allows a user to burn all, part or previously recorded video from a compatible Canon camcorder.
Scheduled to land in stores in September, the Canon HV10 HDV camcorder will carry an estimated selling price of $1299.
DVD allows consumers to easily locate scenes without having to rewind or fast forward, to create playlists of favorite scenes and can even do some quick editing right in the camcorder.
The new DC230, DC220 and DC210 DVD Camcorders are Canon's latest contribution to the state-of-the consumer camcorder art and further reinforces Canon's position within the DVD camcorder category," states Yuichi Ishizuka, senior vice president and general manager of the Consumer Imaging Group, Canon USA.
OmniPixel Opens New Markets For CMOS Sensors: Digital Camcorders and Hybrids
JVC created the smallest, lightest camcorder on the market in the process, with picture quality that surpasses the best consumer analog camcorders.
New VIXIA HF G-Series Camcorder Demonstrates Enhanced Imaging and Low-Light Shooting Capabilities
According to the latest market research from NPD Intellect, the DVD format now accounts for 22 percent of the camcorder market, double a year ago.
Sony is set to launch eight new models in its Digital8 Handycam camcorder family at the beginning of April.