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, calices (kal'i-sēz, kal'i-sēz),
Plural of calyx.


(kā′lĭ-sēz′, kăl′ĭ-)
A plural of calyx.


Plural of calix, see there.


Plural of calx.
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The number of calyces per plant of roselle was also significantly (P[?
05) decrease in number of calyces per plant with the increase in planting density (y = 96.
Maximum calyces fresh weight per plant was obtained from plants sown on 6th May, while the fresh weight decreased with the delay in sowing time and minimum fresh calyces weight per plant was produced by the plants sown on 25th June.
The dry weights followed a similar pattern like calyces fresh weight.
The calyces in these colonies were not sexually mature.
This material (E944-946; 948-953; 2132, 2133, and unregistered specimens in the BANZARE collection) consists of 10 preserved (wet) colonies, 9 whole mounts (slides) of colonies, and 31 slides of sectioned calyces.
Furthermore, examination of thousands of calyces during the course of this study (in field samples and in slide-grown colonies) never revealed a calyx with ripe ovaries and degenerating testes, or vice versa.
2] plots on ascidians at Friday Harbor contained calyces mainly or entirely of one sex [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3A OMITTED], although many plots contained calyces of both sexes.
Tables indicate number of plants in each population and proportion of plants in each population having corollae and calyces of a given fragrance.
Various data from field observations, gas chromatography and odor of fragrances at the GC column outlet all indicate that the calyces and corollae of Polemonium foliosissimum synthesize different concentrations of certain volatiles, and the partitioning of volatiles between the corollae and calyces results in a succession of fragrances during the reproductive cycle.
It is possible, however, that contamination of some of the cannister specimens affected the fragrance determinations: many of the calyces were exceptionally skunky in odor and the sticky exudate from their trichomes clung to fingers.
GC Peak areas for corollae and calyces collected at Irwin in August 1994.