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Bryncir, Thurs, May 31 Calved heifers & cows 79 entries.
To produce an income throughout the year, the cows are calved in three batches - 40 in September and October, 70 in May and 40 in February and March.
5 days between heifers calved at the age of 22 and 36 months.
1 longer in comparison with cows that calved without assistance.
When the random effect of sires of calved cows was taken into account, stillbirth heritability increased two-fold, whereas the heritability of placental expulsion was reduced more than three-fold, and the heritability of calving ease decreased more than two-fold.
Keen bidding resulted in a top price of 1,450gns for a Weeton Jackson daughter, Pearl Red 91, calved in September.
We like the Blonde bull because the calves it produces are good conformation and easily calved," said Mike Harrison.
Calved heifers max pounds 670, calved cows max pounds 710.
Knowledge of this important exemption from the 21-day shutdown has still to get through to all farms and as a result some foster calves are not being set on and too many fresh calved cows are being dried off and will have no work this summer, " explained NBA vice-chairman Frank Momber.