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Relating to the calvaria.
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Curculigoside isolated from Curculigo orchioides prevents hydrogen peroxide-induced dysfunction and oxidative damage in calvarial osteoblasts.
The comparative effectiveness of demineralized bone matrix, betatricalciumphosphate, and bovine-derived anorganicbone matrix on inflammation and bone formation using a paired calvarial defect model in rats.
37] Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors are teratogenic and can cause renal dysgenesis, oligohydramnios, calvarial and pulmonary hypoplasia, intrauterine growth restriction, and neonatal renal failure, leading to death of the fetus as early as the first trimester.
Calvarial fractures are a common finding in both accidental and nonaccidental trauma and can have far-reaching effects in both clinical and social management.
After surgery, rats were sacrificed at 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks after transplantation, and their calvarial grafts were harvested.
A large section of the calvarial bone is removed, often with a dural graft to expand the dura.
Rahaman and his colleagues implanted bioactive glass scaffolds into sections of the calvarial bones (skullcaps) of laboratory rats, then examined how well the glass integrated with the surrounding bone and how quickly new bone grew into the scaffold.
The use of calvarial bone grafts (CBGs) was first reported in 1670, when Van Meekren reconstructed a Russian soldier's calvarial defect utilizing a CBG from a dog (2).
I suggest that all stillbirths be described as to presence or absence of skin sloughage, presence or absence of calvarial bone disarticulation, open or closed eyes, and color of the umbilical cord (white or brown).
Here we report a case of EDM arising from the calvarium--a primary calvarial meningioma (PCM).