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Again, the common pronunciation calls to mind red, causing readers to take a little longer to identify the different ink color.
Judging by the long gaps after every gag, audiences were expected to be splitting their sides with laughter, but the only animal this calls to mind is a turkey.
And his performance style calls to mind the African djeli.
That calls to mind immediately the futility of considering Spanish-speaking Latin America as a single bloc simply because of the existence of a common language.
Greensteins approach calls to mind the perils of judging football players by their vertical leap, foot speed, arm strength, and bench press.
The ship's focal point, the spacious and revolutionary "Royal Promenade," calls to mind New Orleans' Bourbon Street with its watering holes, street performers and specialty shops.
When it's time to change over one of the company's five three-layer blown-film lines - which occurs about every 30 hours on each line - the sudden burst of activity calls to mind a pit stop at a car race.
Smith's rendition of Morrison's life is satisfactory as an introduction, but the biographical information on Morrison, a rehashing of well-known and oft-repeated facts, calls to mind the critical need of a comprehensive biography.
And this calls to mind what is perhaps the first element in the German deficit: their former passion for unnecessary outdoor geometry.
A summer ocean scene with a real-sand beach calls to mind the joy of days spent frolicking in the warm sun and cool evenings spent in the company of friends and family.
Ostensibly a drawing of an ATF agent investigating a church arson, the image, especially the ambiguous child-like figure on the left side, eerily calls to mind the ATF'S central role in the 1993 siege of the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas.