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n a basic storage unit in an accounting system. Individual accounts accept debit and credit entries that reflect the different types of transactions made by the practice.
account book,
n a book in which the financial transactions of a business or profession are entered. Such books may be admitted as evidence.
account, open,
n a straightforward arrangement between the dental provider and the patient for the handling of financial payments due the dental provider and owed by the patient.
account, payable,
n a dollar amount owed to creditors for items or services purchased from them.
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Duty on green fuels should be slashed, HGVs and vans, which produce a third of all the UK's CO2, should be called to account and the Government should offer income tax rebates to buyers of ecocars.
IN an astonishing outbreak of common sense the government has now called to account all those travel firms who bump up their prices during school summer holidays.
We live in a world saturated in blame culture where nothing ever happens without someone having to be called to account.
If the president is guilty of the offenses charged against him, he must be called to account under the Constitution for the commission of `high crimes and misdemeanors.
Noting that the current Board must be called to account for the Company's dismal operating results and poor corporate governance record, Mr.
AT last we may see lawyers fattened by a tribunal gravy train called to account.
The Government in London needs to be called to account.
If justice isn't done here ( if all those responsible for this debacle aren't called to account ( it will be a disgrace.
Both clubs are being called to account but Cole insisted he was looking at extending his deal at Highbury.