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While other Ontario business schools are offering similar programs, Rondeau says Northern College's call centre service representative program is unique because the curriculum has been formatted to reflect the needs identified by the call centre industry.
We use multimedia (applications) and the students are able to simulate work in a call centre so that it's not just lecture or theorybased.
Consultants advising clients on call centre strategy.
Number of Call Centres & Seats Per Organisation
Instead of building a bigger call centre and handling more and more traffic at a central location, the virtual call centre now distributes the calls to experts at local visitor centres without leaving callers waiting in a telephone queue or encountering several IVR prompts.
The virtual call centre also offers an attractive return on investment - effectively minimising the government's investment in call centre infrastructure while better utilising the knowledge of local tourism staff at popular tourist destinations.
Added Arnold Bos, product manager Infonet Call Centre Service: "We've noted a clear paradigm shift recently in respect to pan-European call centre services.
We also train our customers in their call centre environment, whatever it may be.
Using VoIP, despite the call centre having three different locations, it is technologically centralised and connected via an ATM network.
Wicom's call centre application provides comprehensive tools for managing virtual skill groups across multiple locations.
Losco said there was strong growth in the call centre industry and Australia was well placed to capture new business in the Asia Pacific region.
Australia is increasingly being seen as an attractive place for major corporations to base their Asia Pacific Call Centre business.