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who plays multiple, multi-generational members of the same family, estranged from each other after their calisthenics empire was torn apart years before.
Once up and running, the new pavilion and multisport training facility will provide local clubs like the Northcrest Calisthenics Club, Mernda Cricket Club, Mernda Football and Netball Club the capacity to grow and cater for all people.
When the college was founded in 1833, manual labor was the original source of exercise for most Americans; eventually, the populace would find more time for sports, dancing, and calisthenics.
Its philosophy is based on the premise that true public relations research -- beyond statistical calisthenics -- is rooted in what motivates a person to act.
Her so-called dancing added up to little more than calisthenics - all pelvis, no Elvis.
Dancers Melinda Foster, Jessica Leonard, Stacey Printz, Rebecca Young, and Rosenthal are technical powerhouses, but excerpts from the aerobics-inspired and musically leaden choreography evaporate like calisthenics.
50 for chugging a quart of chicken broth -- -- $250 for stripping down to a thong and getting strangers to carry them through Times Square -- $500 for enlisting in a grueling "Sally Bootcamp," filling their camouflage pants with bacon and eggs, performing calisthenics in fish paste, and chugging heavy cream -- all while shackled together wearing wigs that resembled the show's host.
Aware that getting through MRI would require a lot of upper-body strength, for instance, Aaron did calisthenics and worked out with weights in addition to attending her regular ballet class and rehearsals while the dance was being made.
Although repeatedly claiming exhaustion during promotional interviews for her new movie, ``Scooby-Doo'' (opening Friday), the petite, buff star of television's ``Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' seems her typical, speedy New Yorker self, engaging in verbal calisthenics every bit as impressive as her black-belt demon wrestling.
Billboard, in classifying the new album as "Classic and essential," praised Rachelle's "six-octave vocal calisthenics.
Collins had his teams run and do aerobics and calisthenics.
This introductory examination allows the trainer to direct the user to a series of cerebral calisthenics appropriate to their needs.