calibrated probe

calibrated probe,

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Proximity probe systems are usually made up of a calibrated probe, extension cable and driver.
Automatic probe recognition enables users to store hundreds of calibrated probe profiles for instant recall.
Bleeding on probing, periodontal pocket depth and clinical attachment loss were measured at six sites of each tooth with a UNC-12 calibrated probe by a two calibrated examiners.
That is, if several measurements are taken on one face of the slot to define a plane, and if the perpendicular distance between this plane and a point on the other side of the slot is measured, the slot width will be correct in spite of misaligned probe axes (for a calibrated probe, where the second term of Eq.
While most instruments require that calibrated probe data be entered individually into memory to optimize measurement accuracy, ASL's SMART connector needs to store the data in the connector only once.
Table 3 gives a measure of the variation in MC for an individually calibrated probe.
Proximity probe systems are made up of a calibrated probe, extension cable and driver.
The NIST traceable, factory calibrated probes, each with an invariant cell constant that is accurate over its entire 8-plus decade range makes the 2100 unique in the field of conductivity meters, allowing it to accurately follow processes through many decades of conductivity.
Once calibrated, the temperature probe and its attached cable become interchangeable with other individually calibrated probes.

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