calcium stearate

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cal·ci·um ste·a·rate

a soap used in the preparation of tablets as a lubricant for tablet machinery and to keep powder mixtures flowing.
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Additionally, calcium stearate, which is the result of chemical treatment of the inorganic filler with stearic acid, acting as a slippage agent may also be observed in Fig.
The global calcium stearate market can be divided, based on application, into the following segments: Plastic and rubber industries; construction industry; personal care and pharmaceutical industries; and paper, food, and other industries.
With the rapid development of the national economy, the application fields of calcium stearate downstream products are expanding continuously, and the demand volume for calcium stearate is growing day by day.
The following changes to our halobutyl products took place in the last few years: (1) vegetable-base calcium stearate, (2) cocatalyst and (3) bale wrap.
Also, available in a variety of forms, Doverlube calcium stearate and zinc stearate will be followed by magnesium stearate and aluminum stearate.
The company's calcium stearate powder is a slightly over-based, high quality calcium carboxylate of stearic (C-18) and palmitic (C-16) acids that is produced by a highly intensive fusion process.
Hy Dense calcium stearate HP granular and RSN powder for rigid PVC pipe and siding lubrication and other multiple applications requiring a lubricant with reduced dusting, easy handling, and consistent quality.
Too little calcium stearate powder, the main ingredient of the antitack liquid additive, and rubber sheets could adhere to each other.
Next, half the required amount of LDPE (together with calcium stearate when appropriate), all the titanium pigment, and the remaining LDPE were put into the preheated chamber.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 1000 mt of calcium Stearate
In this article, the strategy involves incorporating a LMW metal soap, calcium stearate ([CaSt.