calcarea carbonica

Calc carb

A homeopathic remedy obtained from oyster mother-of-pearl, used for various conditions, including: allergies, arthritis, asthma, delayed bone and tooth development, candidiasis, chronic otitis media, conjunctivitis, constipation, eczema, slowly healing fractures, gastrointestinal complaints, right-sided headaches, insomnia, joint, bone, low back pain, muscle cramps, teething and diarrhoea in children, menstrual dysfunction.

calcarea carbonica (kal·karˑ·ee·uh kar·bōˑ·ni·k),

n a homeopathic preparation of calcium used to treat anxiety, headaches, allergies, constipation, muscle aches and pains, broken bones, asthma, arthritis, teething, and gallstones. Also called
calcium carbonate.
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Calcarea carbonica (oyster shell calcium carbonate) travelers worry about safety and security, in general, and often have airplane phobia.
pelleted with homeopathic preparations Alumina and Calcarea carbonica subjected to toxic levels of aluminium.
I then joined with Calcarea carbonica, which I used for 'worn-out mother syndrome'.
The most common five medicines used in the studies, Podophyllum, Arsenicum album, Sulphur, Chamomilla, and Calcarea carbonica, all in the 30 C potency, were used in 85% of cases in Nepal and 78% of Nicaraguan cases.
The calcium it contains - calcarea carbonica (calcium carbonate) and calcarea phosphorica (calcium phosphate) - is easily absorbed.
Helen, a community college instructor from Portland, had been helped by us for several years in her 40s, likely benefiting from Calcarea carbonica (calcium carbonate; oyster shell).
Some programs suggest supplementing with antioxidants, such as a green drink with acai berries, and noni berries with supplements to support phase I and II liver detoxification pathways and extra minerals and homeopathic drops which support weight loss, not homeopathic hCG, Calcarea carbonica, and so on.
85 % of the patient population needed one of the following four trial medicines: Hepar sulphuris, Antimonium crudum, Sulphur and Calcarea carbonica.
There was not a good enough case for either lodum or Calcarea Carbonica alone, so we chose the combined salt.
We prescribed Calcarea carbonica (calcium carbonate) 200C, based on the few individualizing symptoms: determination, low muscle tone, and frequent vomiting after ingestion of food.
Calcarea carbonica (calcium carbonate): Anxiety about safety and natural disasters in general: fear of flying, heights, earthquakes, storms, security, mice.