tal·i·pes cal·ca·ne·o·val·'gus

talipes calcaneus and talipes valgus combined; the foot is dorsiflexed, everted, and abducted.

calcaneovalgus, calcaneovarus

See clubfoot.

calcaneal valgus

(1) A lateral—towards the fibula—eversion of the rearfoot at the subtalar joint.
(2) A specific form of clubfoot characterised by dorsiflexion, eversion and abduction of the foot.
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Other frequently encountered orthopedic features of NPS that do not contribute to the diagnosis are shoulder girdle dysplasia, short stature, talipes equinovarus (club foot), calcaneovalgus feet, dislocation of the hips, Madelung's deformity, and large joint contractures.
A deformity of the lower leg and ankle joint called talipes equinovarus (club foot) and talipes calcaneovalgus (foot is turned outward).
Examination of the lower extremities revealed distal atrophy, left equinovarus deformity with forefoot adduction, and a right calcaneovalgus deformity.