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crocodilian reptile of the family Alligatoridae, very similar to alligators; resident in Central and South America. Genus name is Caiman, e.g. C. sclerops the spectacled caiman.

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Bronson, a male dwarf caiman, is currently in the shop in Chillingham Road, Heaton, Newcastle, and hopes to be reunited with Chopper, who is in the Ashington branch, once they both reach the age of two.
The standing down of the seventh CET freed up the Caimans needed for exchange and freed up the personnel needed to move Caimans between appointments and to work on the exchanges themselves.
Two years earlier, an alligator, a crocodile-like caiman and a lizard were seized from a Millville home.
Trichinella papuae and Trichinella zimbabwensis induce infection in experimentally infected varans, caimans, pythons and turtles.
During the day, you can swim in the lake, reassured that the well-fed resident piranhas won't bother you and the crocodilelike caimans are off hunting on the shore.
Chief veterinary officer Pavlos Toumazos said his department confiscated the baby spectacled caimans -- small crocodile like creatures - at Larnaca airport after their flight on Friday evening because the importer did not have licensed premises in which to keep them.
The Caiman crocidilus is a vicious reptile and under new legislation must be licensed.
The 6ft long giant otter shares its natural environment with the monstrous caiman - up to five metres of ferocious, predatory alligator in the heart of the Manu National Park at Lake Salvador.
While the baby caimans are a handful now, they'll grow to be 9 feet long and will weigh as much as 150 pounds.
Spare and replacement parts deliveries will be completed through January 2010 and will help the Army units in Iraq maintain the estimated 2,850 Caimans.
Caimans are virtually harmless to humans, though could bite if threatened.