caida de mollera

caida de mollera (kä·ēˑ·d dā mō·yāˑr),

n according to Curanderismo, the Mexican-American healing system, incidence of underdeveloped fontanel in an infant believed to result from the mother's neglect.
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Some of the most common culture-bound syndromes described among Latinos include empacho (stomach ailment), susto (fright), caida de mollera (fallen fontanelle), mal de ojo (evil eye), bilongo/hechizo (hex), ataques de nervios (attack of the nerves), and envidia (envy) (Spicer, 1977; Trotter, 1981).
Caida de mollera May occur when an infant is (Sunken fontanelle) abruptly pulled away from breast-feeding or is incorrectly carried.