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For small perforations, primary repair may be an option with least morbidity thus reducing the morbidity associated with exteriorization or caecostomy.
At operation after exclusion of distal colonic lesion, a tube caecostomy is performed through the site of perforation if possible.
Ken Harris et al used endotracheal tube for caecostomy.
Caecostomy tube is usually removed after one week but we delayed it because patient had a spine fracture and was on bed rest & not ambulatory for three weeks.
Most common operation performed was resection of ileal segment and end to end ileo-ileal primary anastomosis--34%, release of adhesions and bands--30%, hernia repair in 20%, hemicolectomy in 8% cases, reduction and untwisting of volvulus in 4%, resection of jejunal segment and end to end jejuno-ileal primary anastomosis 2% and tube caecostomy in 2% case.
Tube caecostomy 1 2% TABLE 5: Previous Surgeries Sl No.