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Having the pallor and appearance resembling a corpse.


Having the pallor and appearance of a corpse.


(kă-dav′ĕr) plural.cadavera [L. cadaver, dead body]
A dead body; a corpse.
cadavericcadaverous (kă-dav′ĕ-rĭk) (kă-dav′ĕ-rŭs), adjective
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Given that I'm standing here in shorts that are ashamed to be associated with the goosepimpled, cadaverously white legs wincing underneath them, with a Londis bag (loaf, milk and ale) in one hand and meat-and-potato pastie in the other, probably not.
Water played on bagpipes and - even though it's a variation from Jeffrey Lebowski - a nice grotesque touch with a cadaverously scary old man sitting in a forbidding gothic office hooked up to assorted drips and drains.