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Having the pallor and appearance resembling a corpse.


Having the pallor and appearance of a corpse.


(kă-dav′ĕr) plural.cadavera [L. cadaver, dead body]
A dead body; a corpse.
cadavericcadaverous (kă-dav′ĕ-rĭk) (kă-dav′ĕ-rŭs), adjective
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But, like Joseph Conrad's attempts to transform a Polish aristocrat into an English gentleman, the American's cadaverous pose was not taken seriously and astonished rather than impressed his friends.
WORD: Artist Sally Wilson with her piece 'Reliquiae and the Cadaverous Angel'' which has been shortlisted for the Royal Academy JH080410Bsally-02.
I wrote up the facts on a manual typewriter and passed it to a blotchy-faced cadaverous man at the copy desk and it went into the paper that landed on people's doorsteps the next morning.
At train stops he saw, but affected to disregard, "infants pitiful and terrifying with limbs like sticks, puffed bellies, big cadaverous heads lolling on thin necks.
Requesting shelter at the house, they are confronted by a host of exotic characters, including Riff Raff, a cadaverous butler, Frank N Furter, a Dracula-like transvestite and, of course, Rocky, a sexy muscle-man built by Frank N Furter.
The tracks are "Speak No Evil" (7:56), "Love For Sale" (9:13), "Daahoud" (3:52), "Tell Me a Bedtime Story" (4:49), "Someone to Love" (5:58), "Westside Story Medley" (7:50), Dance Cadaverous (8:14), "Morning" (5:14), "Speak Low" (6:48), "Bird Seed" (2:42), "Checked Bags" (5:33), and "Kush" (4:22).
her evening meal in front of her, cast in the cadaverous blue-green glow
We follow him as he wanders through suburbia during the throes of a cadaverous apocalypse.
A tall cadaverous man in a woolly hat and reasonable clothes was lifting takeaway boxes out of a waste bin, laying them out on the flat top of the bin, scraping out old food into one box - curry, fish batter, mushy peas, pie, pudding, chips, gravy, all congealed and second hand.
The second is to graft dermal cadaverous tissue; a very technical and sensitive surgery that most periodontists don't like to do.
And the cadaverous bone structure of Arrieta's face suggests his own inevitable end.