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A cache instance represents a set of uniquely identified and correlated records that is used to model complex objects.
External storage cache systems accelerate data access by providing a high-speed data pipeline.
Clayton and her colleague Nathan Emery looked at how the jays reacted to the possibility that some sleazy neighbor would steal a food cache.
Others download satellite photos of the area where the cache is located.
If Corps of Engineers plans had proceeded, today the Cache and its tributaries would be little more than straight, barren ditches.
Some of them use the caches as excuses not to clean up their camp, " said Payette Forest Ranger Earl Kimball, whose district lies within the FCRoNR.
5 usable) and from 4 to 64 gigabytes of global cache for main-frame and open systems environments.
The application uses CACHE XML and object technology to share information, including geographic and immunization data, at community, county, state and federal levels.
Unlike the first releases of edge caching, which only cached images and streaming media, the next generation of edge caching caches dynamic pages.
Data written to a cache is vulnerable to loss until it is made permanent on disk.
LogiXML's New LGX Info Turbo Taps the Power Of InterSystems' CACHE Database to Support High Performance Reporting Data Warehouse Applications