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1 million tons of cacao shoots with the somatic embryogenesis technology in 2008 to be increased to 4 million in 2009 and to 10 million tons in 2010.
It is estimated that 50 million tons of shoots would be needed a year for the revitalization of cacao plantations until 2010, not including routine requirement of 25 million tons a year outside the program bringing the country's total requirement to 75 million tons of shoots a year.
The agriculture minister estimates that the National Movement of Cacao Production and Quality Promotion (Gemas) 2009 in Sulawesi will increase cacao production by 300% per hectare.
The Gernas Cacao is expected to nearly triple the plantation productivity by from 560 tons per hectare to 1,500 tons per hectare.
The Gernas Cacao in 2009 will cover only 20% of cacao plantations in Sulawesi and other areas in eastern part of the country.
The main goals of revitalization are to increase production and improve productivity and cacao quality through improvement in cultivation system and pest and disease control.
The revitalization program for cacao plantations will start in 2009 with 70,000 hectares in South Sulawesi and with an investment of Rp1 trillion.
The cacao production in that region is expected to decline by 147,000 tons during the three year implementation of the program as old cacao trees in 70,000 hectares of plantations will be replaced with plantlets.
In five years ending 2008, cacao plantations in the country expanded by 7.
Expansion will be made especially in areas known to have lands suitable for cacao plantations.
Smallholding cacao production reached around 721,413 tons or around 91% of the country's total production in 2008.
South Sulawesi is the country's largest producer of cacao accounting for 60% of the country's total cacao production.