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Tenders are invited for Supply of C-Arm Machine / C-Arm Image Intensifier.
C-arm CT is a dynamic and innovative imaging technique that differs from conventional dental radiography which is static.
The distance from cement to the posterior wall of the vertebral body (DCPW) of thoracolumbar vertebrae was measured from C-arm images.
M2 PHARMA-December 2, 2015-Toshiba America Medical Systems Teams with Ziehm Imaging on Fixed and Mobile C-arm Technology
Objective: To compare the clinical application in the percutaneous vertebroplasty under the guidance of one or two C-arm fluoroscopes.
is excited to announce that it has expanded its already vast medical imaging portfolio by now offering refurbished mobile c-arm systems.
C-InSight connects to any existing C-Arm with a video output (via BNC cable) and converts 2D scans to 3D images in just one minute.
The Surgical C-Arm Table 846 features a free-float tabletop design for quick and comfortable patient positioning.
In order to measure errors in pin positions, a tibia with referenced pin insertions was radiographed in various locations using a mini C-arm.
Its radiolucent tabletop and unique offset column allow C-arm coverage of more than 85% of the table for total body imaging.
The primary piece of equipment is the C-Arm X-Ray, which can provide a 360-degree scan.
We are here to stay and well into the path we set to be the most significant player in the US C-Arm market as well," explains Nelson Mendes, CEO of Ziehm Imaging, Inc.